Buy a Private Class

This area will be available when construction of the Aspire facility is completed.  Visit our contact us page to sign up for our newsletter and get the updates.

Aspire offers a opportunity to reserve the rights to an entire class with our top instructors teaching.  Some companies prefer to have their employees or customers to have the benefit of being able to discuss proprietary methods and systems as a part of their training.  If this is your preference then we have the perfect fit for you.  It’s like having your own training facility without the costs and time involved to build and manage it yourself!

These private classes can be anyone of the current offerings in the “classes at aspire” list and can be modified if necessary to meet your proprietary needs.  You can also have company representatives working in partnership with our instructors to make sure your message gets delivered.  All of the materials such as training manuals will bear your company name and contact info and the instructors will allot time for your companies representatives to present your message.

You can also save thousands of dollars by buying a private class as opposed to paying individual registration fees for each student.  It could even be a profit center for your company!  We will give you a set price and you can market the class at whatever you what to charge.  We would of course be there to work with you in making decisions as you need us.  Your class would not be open on our website for people to see and register, instead they could be routed to your website to sign up for the class.

If you are interested in hosting your own private class at Aspire call us at 866-774-9111.

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