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Disaster Recovery Training FacilityThe Aspire Educational Institute has partnered with various organizations across the United States to deliver world class training in their locations.  One of the newest is at OVR Supply in Fairfield, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati.  They have an “outdoors” flood house that is site built with all the latest technology for drying structures, a very comfortable classroom, and a welcoming staff.  We are teaching water damage courses such as the IICRC WRT, ASD, CDS and Combo classes.  To sign up for classes please click here to visit their website or call OVR at (513) 874-7478.  Group discounts are offered!
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Did you know we offer online OSHA certification courses?

Here are some examples:

OSHA online certification, OSHA certification courses
Do you need OSHA certification courses and training as a pre-requisite for another course or a new job? This will fill the requirement and you will be sent your OSHA card by mail
There is nothing like attending a class with an Aspire instructor to answer all of your questions, but sometimes life just does not provide enough time to get to all of it. Now you have an alternative to get the IICRC certification classes and training you need and steal back some of your precious time.
What are you waiting for? Why not get the training from the comfort of your home or office at a fraction of the cost! Click here to see the entire library to choose from and get started today!